Overview of South African Search Engines

Search engines are websites that gather and organize specific content from across the web. South Africa has numerous dynamic search engines available for traffic to search within the search portals. The following provides an overview of South African search engines.

South African Search Engines
South African search engines provide easy to find information across boarders other than those in South Africa, offering services in specific categories. South African search engines cater for the needs of people in search of information. Their search portals are easy to use and provide useful information on South African and international topics. There are a number of search engines that limit their coverage to only pulling South African search results. These being: Aardvark, Ananzi and MSN South Africa.

Types of South African Search Engines Available

  • Ananzi.co.za

This search engine is one of the longest on-going search engines in South Africa. It was created in 1996 and was South Africa’s first search engine. This search engine hones in on South African websites and checks each website to ensure that they stay within the South African domain.

  • MWeb.co.za

This search engine provides South Africans with a search portal that contains blogs, street maps and even horoscopes. This search engine is powered by Google and its directory is powered by Brabys. This powerful search engine is user friendly as it focuses on providing accurate information to its users.

  • Aardvark.co.za

This search engine and directory is powered by Google. It was launched by Intekom in 1997. Even though it is a South African Search engine, it is another variant of Google. Aardvark is a way to get quick, quality answers to questions from your extended social network.

  • IAfica.co.za

iafrica is one of South Africa\’s leading news and information websites and search engines that covers a wide variety of categories such as: news, entertainment, sport, weather, computing, employment, chats, forums, leisure, lifestyle, motoring among others.

  • Brabys.co.za

Brabys.co.za is known to be the longest established specialist business directory publisher available in South Africa.

  • Funnel.co.za

Funnel.co.za was recently launched with the intention of relieving South African users from congestion on the internet server caused by mainstream advertising. This search engine provides users with the opportunity to advertise quickly and efficiently.

  • Gauteng.com

This search engine focuses on Gauteng in terms of location. Gauteng inclusions and businesses within this province should submit for inclusion in this search engines database. This search engine also provides South African traffic with directory listings and advertising opportunities that are beneficial to growing businesses.

Overview of South African Search Engines
A number of South African search engines limit their coverage to only South Africa; these search engines provide extensively written content concerning matters within and around South African boarders. There are many search engines in South Africa that stretch their coverage to other neighbouring countries. A number of South African search engines register their sites with a .com rather than a co.za URL; this may result in invisibility in terms of indexing purposes. Ananzi has noticed that over 10% of South African search engines have domain names that end in .com. Search engines that utilize a .com URL make provisions in terms of indexing and they submit their sites for inclusion in their databases. Ananzi, Aardvark and MSN South Africa stand their ground in terms of international competitors.

When all the factors are taken into account, it is clear that South African search engines are successful in terms of providing clear, accurate and usual information and functions to traffic. SEO and other SEM methods work well on South African search engines in promoting large and small scale businesses.

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