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Yahoo! is a leading search engine among others on the web. Yahoo! provides a worldwide service that enables visitors to communicate, advertise and do research. The following takes a look at Yahoo! and its current stats and facts.

What is Yahoo!?
Yahoo! Inc is an American corporation that provides a worldwide service on the internet. Yahoo! was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo. In January 1994 Yahoo! was launched, making it renowned for its search engine, web portal, Yahoo! mail, directory, news and advertising services. Yahoo! also provides online maps, video and social media website services. Yahoo’s domain was created in 1995 and has developed into a mass information portal and offers global services in more than 20 languages.

  1. Yahoo! Services
  2. Yahoo! Search engine
  3. Yahoo! Mail
  4. Yahoo! Messenger
  5. Yahoo! Finance
  6. Yahoo! Games
  7. Yahoo! Shopping
  8. Yahoo! Real Estate
  9. Yahoo! Travel
  10. Yahoo! Sport
  11. Yahoo! Music
  12. Yahoo! Mobile
  13. Among others

Yahoo! Revenue
Yahoo! obtains 88% of its revenue through marketing services. A large amount of revenue is brought in through search advertising. Here, advertisers bid for certain search terms to display their adverts on Yahoo’s search results. Yahoo! makes a minimum of 2.5 cents from each search. Display and contextual advertising also brings in revenue, therefore the remaining 12%.

Yahoo! Advertising
Advertisers are given the opportunity to place their adverts on Yahoo’s Search Marketing services. These services are Yahoo’s Sponsored Search, Local Advertising or Product/Travel/Directory. Yahoo! also offers a Publisher Network. This network is an advertising tool that allows online publishers to place adverts relevant to their content to optimize their websites. Yahoo launched Panama in 2007. This is an internet advertising system that provides opportunities to advertisers in terms of bidding for search terms or keywords based on their popularity to display their adverts on Yahoo’s search results pages.

Current Stats on Yahoo!

  • Yahoo! Back links: 165405610
  • Yahoo! Traffic Rank: 3
  • Yahoo! Page views/User: 7.03
  • Yahoo! Bounce Rate Percentage: 27%
  • Yahoo! Visitors Time on Site: 9.1 minutes
  • Yahoo! Search Percentage: 8.5%
  • Yahoo! Google Page Rank: 9/10

Yahoo! offers a wide range of internet services and products to its online visitors. The web portal provides much needed information to traffic on Yahoo’s website and provides content including latest news, sports information, financial stats, and entertainment. Notably, it also gives visitors easy access to Yahoo’s other services such as Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, just to name a few.

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