Search Engine Stats and Facts

Search engines are web pages that internet users use to locate desired information. Search engines search documents related to the keywords typed into the search engines portals within a very quick time period and submit results from best to worst relating to relevance. The following takes a look at the statistics and facts relating to Search Engines.

Search Engine Statistics

  • Google is the most popular search engine at present
  • 73% of online transactions commence with the use of search engines.
  • 85% of online traffic only view the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pages pulled from the search engines.
  • 52% of traffic search past the first 30 results pulled from search engines, thus the first, second and third pages.
  • There are countless search engines across the Web but only 60% of them will help your online business.
  • Over 500 million searches are completed daily.
  • 70% of business gained from being listed on search engines, indicates the benefits of these engines.
  • 85% of traffic finds accurate information which is very useful to them.
  • 77% of users that do not find accurate information use the same search engine to find better results, this time using a different combination of keywords.
  • 56% of traffic finds information from directories.
  • 81% of online users find new websites from using search engines.
  • 45% of searches are done by using multiple keyword searches or key phrases.
  • 23% of users only use one particular keyword in selected search engines.
  • 9% of traffic search for information by typing in questions into the search engines portal.
  • The first 10 results triggered by the search engines receive 80% more traffic than in the 11th and 12th positions.
  • 67% of online users spend no more than 60 seconds or less on a linked web document.
  • 84% of submissions are done to search engines manually.
  • 60% of online marketers do the submitting manually as it is more effective.

Search Engine Facts

  • Receiving a good listing on search engines is really important and can help get quality clients and traffic to your website.
  • Quality listings on search engines can therefore be beneficial in terms of your (ROI) return on investment.
  • Search engines change their algorithms frequently, this is done to keep the quality of their material and to keep high quality sites at optimum positions within its rankings.
  • Search engines only place relevant sites in top positions in terms of ranking. The “weaker” sites are placed further down the ranking scale.
  • Each search engines have their own method of determining the ordering and placing of selected websites.
  • Search engines pick up on tricks used by webmasters to up their rankings. Tricks used are among misleading Meta tag keywords and hidden keywords – this is known as black hat SEO
  • Search engines also crawl sites for spam; many webmasters think they can include “spam” content within their sites – this is also known as black hat SEO
  • Search engine owners are continually developing new ways of finding and deleting “tricks” made to sites, if your site does not follow white hat SEO regulations, you may find that your site has been (sandboxed) penalized.
  • Search engines block and blacklist sites that are considered as spam or those that do not follow the required white hat SEO regulations.
  • Search engine users have now realized that they need to add more descriptive terms in their searches.
  • Search engines do not rank or list web sites, search engines rank the web pages contained within the website.
  • Search engines give you the potential to get every web page on your site listed, if you follow the correct SEO procedures.
  • Search engines utilize their own traffic material to aid them in determining which sites are to be listed.

What ever search engine you decide to use in order to gain information, the information you will receive will be selected from the highest quality websites listed on the search engine. If your website is not increasing in its ranking on search engines, consider using SEO to optimize its current ranking.

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