About Ananzi

Ananzi is a South African search engine on the internet. It is partners with the Braby’s holding group. Ananzi focuses its attention purely on South African websites. The following takes a look at facts regarding the Ananzi search engine.

What is Ananzi?
Ananzi is a South African search engine that was created in 1996. Ananzi was South Africa’s first search engine. It focuses on South African websites and checks each website to ensure that they stay within the South African domain. In June 2000 the search engine was re-planned to enhance its features, thus becoming one of the fastest search engines on the World Wide Web. Ananzi, to date, indexes over 2 300 000 web pages within South Africa. Ananzi is one of the most popular search portals in South Africa and has over 450 000 visitors as well as over 10 million page impressions monthly.

Ananzi has stood its ground with regards to its leading competitors: M-webs max, Zebra, Aardvark and at times Yahoo! Ananzi gains 70% of the websites income from direct sales of South African subscriptions. 30% of the site’s income is derived from agency ad placements. This search engine is split into two categories – one being a search portal and the other is a South African Site Directory. The directory consists of a database of South African websites that offer viable products or services to the visitors on this site. It is a fully all-inclusive audited directory.

This powerful search engine is user friendly as it focuses on providing accurate information to its users. Ananzi has categories available on the site to help narrow down the searches. Categories such as news, shopping, maps, jobs, property, SA Directory among many others feature on the website. This search engine has also worked closely with Google to bring local web users international search options.

How Your Website Can Be Seen On Ananzi
Firstly, websites are submitted onto the directories database. From here, the directory will have a website indexed and then add it to Ananzi’s website if it fulfills Anazi’s pre-requisites. Various promotions that are run off this search engine may be sponsored by other companies other than Ananzi. Promotions may also be co-sponsored by Ananzi and another company. Advertisers place their ads on Ananzi, promoting their services or products. Ananzi then delivers targeted ads on behalf of the advertisers.

Ananzi’s Ads
This search engine markets itself through various media, radio, television, print and internet means. Ananzi has recently put into practice banner ads and pop ups on their site. These help optimize the clients’ exposure to potential clients of their service or product. Ananzi is strategically placed within the internets network to ensure their clients optimum exposure to the correct targeted audience. Ananzi also helps clients to build a well designed website. It also gives advice on how to approach advertising campaigns.

Current Stats on Ananzi

  1. Ananzi’s Back links: 225231
  2. Ananzi’s Traffic Rank: 17,904
  3. Ananzi’s Page views/User: 3.5
  4. Ananzi’s Bounce Rate Percentage: 45%
  5. Ananzi’s Visitors Time on Site: 2.9
  6. Ananzi’s Search Percentage: 15%
  7. Ananzi’s Google Page Rank: 9/10


Ananzi continues to provide helpful facts and information to its visitors. Ananzi not only offers search engine and advertising options but also e-mail services.

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