About Google

Google is one of the leading search engines on the internet. Google has the highest visitor rate to date and is renowned for its efficient and salient search results. The following takes a look at the facts about Google as well as the search engine’s current statistics.

Google Inc is an American corporation that launched the search engine: Google.com in 1996. Google came about from a research project that Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working on. These founders designed a site that would analyse relationships between websites in terms of producing better ranking results. The search engine obtains 99% of its revenue from advertising. Advertising campaigns relate to Google’s internet searches, e-mails, online mapping, office productivity and social networking. The domain name google.com was registered late 1997.

Google Growth
The initial funding for Google as a company was brought about in 1998. In 2000 Google chose to sell advertisements associated with relevant keywords. These keywords, when typed into the Google portal, would trigger a website that has chosen those particular keywords to activate their site. This model of advertising is known as Google AdWords. Google’s success has landed them a spot on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

Google and Advertising
In terms of advertising, Google is able to track visitors’ interests across affiliated sites. This is done through DoubleClick technology and Google Analytics. The advertising Google offers is known as Google AdWords. Google AdWords allows clients to present their advertisements of their service or product in Google’s search results. The Advertisers can choose a cost-per-click or cost-per-view option of payment. In 2008, Google agreed to feature Yahoo! (their leading search engine competitor) on their Google page.

Google and Competitor Market Shares
Google’s search engine is the most used engine on the web and has a 53.6% market share rating. It is ahead of competitors such as Yahoo! with only 19.9% and Live Search (Bing) at 12.9%. Google is able to index billions of web pages in order for traffic to search information. This is done by using keywords and operators.

Current Stats on Google

  • Google’s Back links: 290565000
  • Google’s Traffic Rank: 1
  • Google’s Page views/User: 8.7
  • Google’s Bounce Rate Percentage: 29%
  • Google’s Visitors Time on Site: 8.8
  • Google’s Search Percentage: 4.3%
  • Google’s Google Page Rank: 7/10

Google offers numerous services to its visitors to utilize, from a search portal, gmail and advertising options. The service Google offers is also available in different languages, accommodating the world in their searches and queries.

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