Why Does it take So Long to get SEO Results

Optimizing a website through SEO often takes a significant amount of time in terms of gaining desired results. SEO is well worth the wait as you will in time see higher search engine rankings and increased traffic to your website. Take a look at the following as it explains why it takes so long to get SEO results.

What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides Internet users with the opportunity to search the net for information by entering a variety of keywords into a search engine. From here the search engine then pulls related websites for traffic to explore. SEO will augment the chances of a website being displayed on the search engine results pages thus increasing traffic to ones site. SEO works by optimizing your website in terms of having a higher ranking within a search engine’s first page ranking. However if black hat SEO is preformed, rather than white hat SEO, it can lead to the failure of your site.

Why are SEO results timely?
Before explaining the reasons behind the timely results of SEO, one needs to understand how search engines work. Search engines use spiders to read every page of your site, once the pages have been read they will be indexed and stored in a search engines database. This alone is a lengthy process; therefore older websites have a higher ranking compared to new websites, due to the time the spiders have had in indexing their pages.

Timely Components of SEO

  1. It takes time in implementing the content of a website. It involves the researching and writing of content. Search engines give praise to keyword-rich websites, therefore increasing their page rank.
  2. The SEO process also takes time in attracting high quality links. These relevant links are also held in high esteem with search engines.
  3. Each change made to your website slows down the SEO process as the new content added to the site needs to be reviewed and tweaked.
  4. However, the changes made to your website are beneficial; it just takes time to be listed on the first page of search engine results.
  5. SEO results also depend on the type of industry you find yourself in. The bigger the industry, the longer it will take to optimize your site due to the amount of competitors in your field. One cannot expect their site to be ranked on the first page immediately if their industry is overwhelmed with high quality competitors.
  6. Your competitors may have used the same keywords that you have selected to trigger your website, through time you will see your site passing your competitors on the ranking ladder.
  7. Regardless of the industry you are in, you should start seeing the first results of SEO within the first 3-4 months of commencement.
  8. Notably, it is important for you to update your keywords as there are new competitors entering your field daily, gain the upper hand and continue optimizing your site where you see fit.

Elements to Consider

  • Have You Done What Is Needed?

By doing the necessary steps suggested to you, you are helping the SEO process along its way in aiding your campaign. Do not ignore the recommendations asked of you, try to do everything you can in helping optimize your site. 

  • How Many Inbound Links Do You Have On Your Site?

Old or no links will add to your estimated SEO time for results. No links may lead to your site not being indexed by search engines.

  • Was Your Site Recently Launched?

Search engines need time to “trust” your site; it may not be pulled for some time. Ensure to include a few links and a sitemap to your new site. Much older sites may see the results of SEO within 6 weeks depending on the industry.

  • How User Friendly Is Your Site?

If your site is not flexible and does not run a content management system, your page’s ranking process will be slowed down.

  • Is Your Target Line Competitive?

The more competitive your target line/phrase is, the longer you will have to wait for a higher page ranking.

  • Can Your Site Keep Up With Competitor Sites?

You need to match the averages of your competitors in terms of links and pages. 

  • Has Your Site Displayed Any Duplicated Content?

Duplicated content will lead to your site from not being ranked until you change the content that has been duplicated. This may take time in SEO working for your site.

The process of SEO takes time, yet with long term effects. Optimizing your website is a means of forming credibility with the search engines on the World Wide Web. SEO requires correct internal structuring of your website, every component of your website must be SEO friendly, and once this is obtained you will reap the benefits of the SEO process.

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