Benefits of SEO

SEO is an important factor to think about when adapting or designing a website. The following takes a look at the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You may have heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is an online marketing strategy that improves search engine rankings of a website along with online traffic. After finding out what SEO is you may be wondering how SEO will benefit you and your website.

The Benefits of SEO
Some SEO benefits include:

  1. SEO makes a site more visible to search engine “spiders”.
  2. SEO helps search engine “spiders” to “crawl” through your website content.
  3. SEO helps a website to rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
  4. Higher rankings lead to increased user traffic.
  5. Increased user traffic leads to online revenue.
  6. Increased user traffic attracts potential advertisers.
  7. SEO keeps your website up to date.
  8. SEO helps a website to reach its potential.

Reality Check
When an internet user searches for content or a product on the internet they usually use search engines, such as Google, MSN or Yahoo. Users are more inclined to visit the highest ranking sites first. It is believed that the first 3 pages are the most viewed. If your site is not SEO friendly it will not rank high in the search engine results. As a result users will not find your site. They are more likely to use another site than waste time trying to find your site.

Without SEO

  • What is the point of having a website if it is not ranked by search engines and visited by online users? Without SEO:
  • Search engine “spiders” will “crawl” past your site.
  • Your site will rank low in search engine results.
  • Your site may not rank at all in search engine results.
  • Online visitors will not increase, as most users find content through search engines.
  • Online traffic will decrease.
  • Your product will not be viewed by visitors.
  • Potential advertisers will lose interest in a site that lacks online visitors.
  • Advertising revenue will decrease.
  • Online revenue will decrease.
  • Your site will be lost in the World Wide Web.

SEO is Beneficial

  • It is beneficial to adapt or design a site for SEO. Adapting or designing a site for SEO leads to:
  • Search engine indexing
  • Search engine ranking
  • Increased visitor traffic
  • Online revenue

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is beneficial for a website. Not only does it optimise a site and increase visitor traffic, but, it increases a site’s money making potential. This helps to make a site more successful. Take time to learn more about SEO and its importance.

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