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With the online industry growing by the minute, presence is everything. What are SEO evaluations and how can SEO evaluations benefit your online presence and business growth potential?

What are SEO Evaluations?
An SEO evaluation is an analysis process whereby the various factors and components that make a website more visible on a search engine are scrutinised and assessed. An SEO evaluation offers a website owner the opportunity to gain insight into the various different factors that affect their site’s search engine rankings on a search engine results page (SERP).

Having a company, who specialises in SEO marketing and evaluations, conduct a thorough analysis of your website can make the difference between ranking on the 50th page or the first. It is a well known fact that the general internet user does not enjoy sifting through pages and pages of search results. The odds are more likely that if desired information is not found, a new search will be conducted. With the correct SEO tools, methods and techniques, a website can be displayed on the first page and stand a far better chance of successfully growing their business objectives.

What Does an SEO Evaluation Involve?
General evaluation criteria may involve the following:

  • Website Information & Architecture
  • Domain and sub domain strength
  • Volume of traffic
  • Page ranking on major search engines (Google and Yahoo)
  • Directory listings
  • Link structure
  • Navigation problems or issues

Content & Keywords

  • Substance and scope of content (i.e.: articles, blogs, press releases etc) – the amount of words that are contained on a single web page
  • Content originality and relevance
  • Calls to action 
  • Privacy statements
  • Similar or duplicate content
  • Search engine ranking
  • Content topics (i.e.: how does a search engine “see” a website’s content topics?)
  • Competitors within the online market
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword issues (i.e.: keyword stuffing, what keywords should not be used and which should, are keywords evenly spread across web pages etc.)
  • Homepage content
  • Section page content


  • Link building
  • Incoming links (i.e.: from search engines, directories and social media networks etc.)
  • Link popularity
  • Broken links
  • Amount of links on a single web page

Search Engine Indexing

  • Page rank
  • Index frequency

Technical Elements

  • Web serve performance
  • Quality of HTML coding
  • Application server problems
  • URL structure
  • File sizes
  • Web browser compatibility
  • Frames
  • Length of SEO Tags / meta tags
  • Proper formatting of SEO tags / meta tags (i.e.: should not contain illegal or unethical characters)
  • Use of keywords within SEO tags and meta tags


  • All elements that make use of unethical SEO techniques – These are likely to be regarded by a search engine as spam, causing a website to incur a penalty or be banned.

Overall Aesthetic Website Design

  • Consistency
  • Web page layout
  • Branding
  • Legibility

HTML & Javascript

  • Title tags
  • Headings
  • Meta description tags
  • Image alt tags
  • Quality Javascript code usage

SEO Evaluation Benefits
Some benefits of an SEO evaluation include:

  • Learning to identify more precise keyword search terms in accordance with what a targeted audience is using on major search engines. 
  • An evaluation can help to be able to identify where a target audience is searching for products and services.
  • An evaluation can reveal how a competitor is catering for the same target audience.
  • SEO evaluations can also provide sound advice regarding how to convert online visitors into clients or customers.

In Conclusion
An SEO evaluation is designed to increase traffic to a website. In order for this to occur, an online presence is essential. The online market is a competitive business area and constantly evolves. An SEO evaluation will help an online business to keep up with the changes and trends, as well as create a business that is able to grow and reach new heights.

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