Tips for Creating Online Banner Ads that Work

Online advertising has become a major means of income for entrepreneurs. The fastest method of advertising on the net is through Internet banner ads. Define your goals for your campaign through taking a look at the following tips in creating banner ads that work.

What Are Banner Ads?
Internet banner ads are rectangular boxes that are often placed at the top of a hosting webpage. Banner ads attract the visitors’ attention on a hosting site. They then link them to the advertiser’s website. The banner ads are constructed from an image (GIF, JPEG, PNG) or JavaScript program often employing animation, sound, or video to create an eye catching advert. These images are usually positioned on websites that have interesting content, such as a newspaper article.

Banner Ad Tips

  1. The biggest tip to give advertisers is to create unique and attention-grabbing ads. 
  2. The way you design, combine words, colours, images and animation are critical factors in success of your banner campaign.
  3. When designing your banner ad it is important to consider both graphic and text. The pictures and content need to correlate in order to keep the attention of potential clients.
  4. Visit other hosting sites that have banner ads, see how they have crafted these ads. 
  5. Compare your banner ad to other banners. Ask yourself if your ad is as eye-catching as the one you are comparing yours to.
  6. If you do compare your banner ad to others, be sure not to make yours similar. It is a creative way of advertising, use your imagination and do not shy away from your creative ideas.
  7. Choose design styles that appeal to you. You will make a lasting impression on traffic if you pay careful attention to detail.
  8. Less is always more, do not make your banner too cluttered or too colourful. Stick to a certain number of fonts, colours and designs.
  9. Limit your use of fonts as too many fonts may become distracting.
  10. Put your point across and be clear in what you are advertising. Keep words simple and easy to read. Say it in seven words or less.
  11. You are limited to a small visual space, using fewer words makes it easier for you to use larger text that is more eye-catching for traffic.
  12. Use powerful and creative words. Before choosing the wording for your banner, create a list of enticing words, brainstorm your ideas.
  13. Be clear in your graphics; do not overlap images or messaging.
  14. Select your images carefully; too few will lead to an unappealing banner ad. Look through stock photography as you can easily obtain your images and it is inexpensive.
  15. Your main objective is to sell your product or service, use strong phrases that capture the interest of potential clients.
  16. Ensure that your primary message is pungent as it is the strongest visual element in your ad.
  17. Control the file size of your ad. Your ad should not be bigger than 468x 60 pixels and 12kb.
  18. The easiest way to maintain this size of banner is to limit the use of colour and graphics. 
  19. Save your banner ad as an animated GIF file.
  20. Do not overuse animation in your banner ad. Choose animation that is not too fast; ensure that it flows at a moderate pace.
  21. Set your animation so that they stop after 3 cycles as constant animation becomes distracting.

By using the above tips in creating your banner ads, you should be able to develop a successful ad that leaves a favourable impression on potential clients. Do not be afraid to experiment and brainstorm your ideas, as banner ads are a very creative form of advertising on the World Wide Web.

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