Tips for Creating Google AdWords that Work

Google AdWords works by launching various keywords and building an advertisement using optimization for chosen keywords that link back to a given website. The following takes a look at tips on how to create a Google Adwords campaign that works for you.

Google AdWord Tips

  1. Firstly, show the searchers that your advertisement is relevant. Google displays relevant keywords in bold in your advert if they are present. The reason for the bold print is to make your advert stand out. For example if you sell diaries, then ensure that the word diaries is in your advert.
  2. Keep your keyword listings to a minimum. Create a number of ad groups with short keyword lists rather than a single ad group with a large list of keywords. 
  3. Download AdWords editor, this will copy and paste ad groups easily.
  4. Create keywords by misspelling them or making them into one word, this will drive more traffic to your site at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Include hyphens instead of commas in your campaign, as they are less common and will more than likely grab the attention of potential traffic to your site.
  6. Choose inexpensive keywords at first, you do not want to spend unnecessary money.
  7. Clean up your account regularly; delete keywords with zero impressions after two months.
  8. Start your campaign by bidding high. Your adverts will be seen early in the search results, thus providing optimum exposure of your service or product.
  9. Once you have a high CTR (click through rate) you can lower your bids.
  10. Set a higher budget on a daily basis, higher than Google recommendations. This allows your advert to be viewed at any time rather than displayed intermittently.
  11. Do not involve yourself in bidding wars, your CPC (cost per click) will reduce dramatically. 
  12. Set higher bids on exact matches, this controls the positioning of your advert.
  13. Set your ads to display in the location where you do business thus decreasing your wastage
  14. Set a daily budget
  15. Set your adverts to display during operating hours so that your daily budget is better used
  16. Minimize content adverts by setting a lower maximum cost per click budget than search adverts
  17. Regularly check the content sites that Google is displaying your adverts on and stop those that don’t apply to your product or serve i.e. if you are selling accounting software, prevent your adverts from displaying on recruitment sites that offer accounting positions
  18. Set a maximum cost per click that you are willing to pay
  19. Add negative keywords to your campaign, here you will be saving money and your ad groups CTR will increase.
  20. Use patent keyword phrases three times in an advertisement, in the text and display URL, this will increase your CTR.
  21. Avoid phrases such as: “click here” in your advertisement.
  22. Include prices in your advertisement, if your prices are lower than your competitions and if your competitors do not include prices.
  23. Include specifics such as percentages, product or service specifications and relevant names in your campaign.
  24. Your landing page must be relevant to your service or your product. The landing page of your site must reflect the keywords you have chosen to trigger your advertisement. 
  25. This method works well if you are an affiliate marketer.
  26. Try separating your search from your content. You will lose money if your site is overloaded from hits from your content ads.
  27. Google offers a service whereby multiple ad campaigns can be rotated within a single group. Test different versions and see which one works best for you in terms of your return on investment (ROI) and CTR.
  28. It is important to track your results, this can aid in creating your negative keyword lists. 
  29. Track your keywords, as you need to know which keywords best trigger your advertisement.
  30. Furthermore, track your conversions in terms of your clicks.
  31. Track where your traffic is coming from, especially if you find you are making inconsistent sales.

The method in creating a successful Google AdWords campaign involves many steps from your side; a good campaign will ultimately lead to an increase in your return on investment. Note your first attempt may not be successful; it is a trial and error learning curb that will lead to profits in the future.

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