Tips for Writing Good Advertising Emails

Email advertising as an online marketing venture is the easiest method of mass advertising. However, the emails need to be written accordingly and catch the eyes of potential clients. The following takes a look at tips that can help you in creating good advertising emails.

What is Email Advertising?
Email advertising is a direct marketing process whereby a large number of emails can be sent out to potential clients at one time. This, if done correctly, is not considered to be illegal spam. This form of advertising is inexpensive, direct and actionable. Small and large companies in any industry have the opportunity to reach customers and in due course optimize their return on investment. The ways in which emails are written, determines the success of your advertising campaign. If the emails sent to recipients are unappealing, the recipients will not continue reading or be interested in the products or services you are offering them.

Tips for Writing Good Advertising Emails

  1. The first thing recipients view when receiving an email is the subject line of the email. If you do not put a subject, the recipient may delete the message and not even read your mail.
  2. Ensure to write an eye-catching subject that does not come across as arrogant or thoughtless.
  3. Take time in deciding what to include in your subject line. Upon reading this subject line, recipients must find the need to read your email.
  4. Address the recipients individually if possible, this will make them feel important and will not let them think it’s a spam email.
  5. Do not include more than 1 graphic in your email as this increases the size of your email
  6. Do not use capital letters anywhere
  7. Put your name, surname and title as well as your contact number at the end of the email
  8. Limit the use of advertising jargon but rather ensure to get straight to the point
  9. Include a few interesting statistics and facts in relation to your product or service
  10. Do not use coloured text in your email unless it is for hyperlinking purposes – in which case stick to the web norm standard of blue and underlined
  11. Keep your email well focused on the message you are trying to convey to a potential client. You do not want to find that the recipient only reads partway through your email.
  12. Do not make your email too long
  13. Do not waffle
  14. Do not use advertising gimmicks in your email such as “forward this on to xyz people and get a free…” this irritates people
  15. Clearly indicate the location people can go to to “opt out” of receiving your emails and / or to remove them from your database of contacts
  16. Include a call to action such as “contact me” or “reply to this” etc.
  17. Put a reward in place for replying to your email such as “if you contact me now and mention this email you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase”
  18. Stick to one product or service and do not mention the host of other products or services that you offer rather say something like “for more information on our products and services we invite you to visit our website” (and hyperlink to your site)
  19. Do not include loosely related topics, keep in mind what you’re selling and stick to relevant facts about your products or services.
  20. If your advertising email does include various points, number or bullet them. This presents information in an ordered and easy to read format.
  21. When writing the ad email, ensure to use standard language. If you do include abbreviations, ensure to explain the abbreviation in full.
  22. Ensure your spelling and grammar is correct, you do not want your potential clients to think you have not put any thought into your advertising campaign.
  23. Skip lines between paragraphs, this allows for easier reading of your advert.
  24. Avoid using typefaces, bold or large font as they may give the recipient the wrong idea about your ad.
  25. If you want something to stand out to recipients, underline or use asterisks to emphasize your message.
  26. Regardless of your intention to include maximum information to your recipients, avoid attachments in your advertising email.
  27. Rather, include necessary information in your email as not to include attachments for recipients to further open after reading your ad.
  28. You may also want to include links on your email, ensure the links are relevant to your site, product or service.
  29. Often attachments take too long to download and may take up unnecessary space on the recipient’s computer.
  30. Give the correct contact numbers, names and addresses. Recipients will not want to do further research on who you are or where you are situated.
  31. Keep the email professional; do not approach a potential client on a friendly basis unless you know them personally.
  32. Always be sure to proof read your advertising email before sending to numerous recipients.
  33. Be sure to check for responses to your emails on a daily basis and respond to the recipients if need be.

All methods of advertising rely on presentation and the skill to put the desired message across as fast and effectively as possible, due to the attention span of your possible clients. The same can be considered for advertising with emails, ensure not to wear your readers out by writing more information than needed.

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