Home Page Design Do\’s and Don\’ts

What are the important Do’s and Don’ts, when designing a Home Page? Optimus01 brings you all you need to know regarding designing for a homepage.

The Home Page is the most important page of any website. This is because it is the main page of the website. It is also the face of your website as this is generally the first page your viewers will see. Often the Home Page is a clear indication of the professionalism and reliability of a website. This means that your Home Page Design needs to please the potential viewers and keep them coming back for more. When designing your website you need to compile a design brief, for more information on this, read our page on How to Compile A Good Website Design Brief.

Things to Do When Designing Your Website’s Home Page

  • It is important that you explain exactly who you are and what you do as a company.
  • The Home Page should include a tagline that summarizes what the website is all about and what you do as a company.
  • Home Pages should have a search option, so that the viewers can find other information that the website has to offer.
  • It is a good idea to group all corporate information in one distinct area. This should include “About Us”, “Contact Us” and “What We Do”.
  • Emphasize your website’s top priority tasks.
  • Show a link to available content.
  • Ensure images and pictures are relevant and logical.
  • Company explanation should be near the top of the page.
  • Use the Home Page to show the viewers what is new on your site.
  • Provide consistent, reliable navigation that everyone will understand.
  • Navigation needs to be the same on every page of the website.
  • Home Pages should contain key information such as the products, services and special offers.
  • Home Pages need to be of a good quality and standard. This is because visitors will return to the Home Page to reorient themselves.
  • The Home Page needs to deliver content to viewers in terms of links and lists.
  • Home Pages should provide a good idea of other pages and content available on the site that viewers could be after.
  • Have the date and time, when last the Home Page was updated.
  • Content needs to be scannable for search engines and users.

Things to Avoid When Designing your Website’s Home Page

  • Don’t use “Welcome to…” on the Home Page.
  • Don’t use elaborate illustrations, boxes and colours on the Home Page, keep it simple and focused on the things that are considered most useful.
  • Don’t have vast amounts of information and text on the Home Page.
  • Avoid unnecessary distraction because the viewers generally have limited time.
  • Avoid internal, company language; rather use user-centric language.
  • Don’t use pop-up windows.
  • Don’t clutter your Home Page.
  • Don’t blend advertising with the contents.
  • Avoid introductions; viewers should go straight to the Home Page.

Going Home

The home page needs to be the control centre with all the important and available information on the website. The home page needs to be simple and easy to use. If it is too cluttered, viewers will be too overwhelmed and move on to the next website. For a fool proof Home Page, ask Optimus01 to assist in designing your Home Page and other pages you need to make up a website.


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