Homepage Copywriting Tips

The Homepage is the face of your website campaign. Here are some tips to help you with the copywriting for your homepage.

The homepage can be viewed as being similar to the front of your house. Ensuring that the home looks good and inviting from the front, will give the illusion that what is inside is equally remarkable. This means that your homepage needs to make a good impression, as homepages will often carry the first impressions of your websites. When writing the copy for your homepage ensure that you consider the list below, as this type of copywriting can be difficult as you need to get the readers hooked and believing that you have something special to offer. See Website Content Writing Tips.

Homepage Writing Tips

  1. Write great, convincing and impressive headlines. Use these headlines to give the visitors to your website a clear indication of what your company is all about. These headlines should also be directed at the visitor’s interests.
  2. Ensure the text and information is quick and easy to read. Remember to keep your information simple and easily understandable. 
  3. The navigation around your website via the homepage (Optimus01_HomepageDesignDo’sandDon’ts), should be obvious and easy to use.
  4. When writing the copy for your homepage it is important that the visitors know exactly where they are and how they can get in touch with you. Ensure to have contact numbers and that the logo (Optimus01_LogoDesignDo’sandDon’ts) is visible on the homepage. Also remember to add any credentials to the homepage. 
  5. Remember to include important keywords to your homepage. This will make it more likely that Google will rank you highly on their search index page.
  6. Your homepage should have at least between 300 and 400 words. It is important that you increase the word count with value added content. 
  7. Use the homepage text to introduce your website and company.
  8. Homepages should explain exactly what you are about and what you have on offer. Use the homepage as a blurb for your website. 
  9. Use the homepage to answer any questions your visitors might have about your company and the products you have on offer.
  10. Use simple and concise language. Speak to your customers and not at them. Never speak down to your potential clients.
  11. Be sure that the information on the homepage is directed at your target audience, allow this page to grab the readers and also give them the feeling of finding what they have been looking for.
  12. Give your readers a call to action from the beginning. On the homepage include things like “Buy Now” and “Contact Us”.
  13. Keep the information short and to the point, the homepage should be used as an explanation for what else is available on the website. 
  14. Answer the 5 W’s and the H (When, Where, Why, What, Who and How) so that the visitors know just about everything your website has to offer. These questions can be answered by using navigational tools from the homepage. 
  15. Paragraphs should be kept short. Have one idea per paragraph.
  16. Emphasize the importance and purpose of the company and the products on offer.
  17. Develop trust with your viewers; keep your tone conversational, open and friendly.
  18. Use active voice and use present tense.
  19. Be consistent in tense, writing style and design (Optimus01_Top10WebsiteDesignTips). Keep the homepage in the same design as the rest of the website.
  20. Keep it easy to read and scan. This will save time and make your homepage a pleasure to read.

The Homepage Is Where the Impressions Lie

It is important that you take the task of writing for your homepage very seriously. This is because it is your most important opportunity to ensure that you grab the attention of potential clients. When writing for the homepage, bare in mind that this is where you will promote your company and all you have to offer. The homepage is where you will encourage viewers to further explore your website. Follow these writing tips and you will be on the right track, to having a powerful and effective homepage.

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