Importance Of An Accurate Website Design Brief

Why are accurate website design briefs so important? Find out more about how an accurate website design briefs can save you time and money.

A website design brief is necessary so that the web design developer knows exactly what the client needs and wants out of their new website. In this document, the client will state all the necessary criteria for their website. With the design brief, it will ensure that the interest of the client and his company are met and satisfied.

What is a Design Brief?

The design brief is a document that is put together by the client (owner of a company) and the web developer. This document will have all the necessary information available. It will act as a reference point for both parties involved. The design brief will ensure that there is trust, understanding and communication throughout the project. The design brief should have the aims, objectives and milestones of the project. The design brief should discuss the marketing process, the entire concept of the company and website as well as the corporate identity and content.

Why Are Website Design Briefs so Important?

  1. The website design brief should clarify the direction of the website.
  2. A good design brief will ensure that no time is wasted as it will suggest everything that was agreed upon and needs to be done.
  3. Reduces uncertainty in terms of communication.
  4. Design briefs act as a reference point for the web designer. This will ensure that the goals are met and the client is satisfied with the website.
  5. Allows all involved to consider what the long term goals are for the company and website.
  6. It allows you to properly understand what the main purpose is of the website and where they should be going with it.
  7. The design brief will have the desired goals for the website and company.
  8. The design brief will describe in detail what the key features will be on the website as well as what is absolutely necessary for the website.
  9. The brief will also have a clear indication as to who the target audience will be with regards to the website and the services it provides. This will include the target audience’s age, tastes, gender and online behaviours.
  10. What type of communicative function do you want your website to fulfil? What action do you want the visitors of your new website to do? All this information will be indicated in the brief.
  11. Without a website design brief, it will take longer for the website to be complete and it will not be at the desired standard.
  12. The objectives of the project are clear, so to save money, time and resources.
  13. The project will be completed quicker without concerns about restarting and rethinking.
  14. Allows the designer to have a good feel for the company, as well as the services it provides.
  15. Use your website as another way to advertise your company.

Questions that Need to be Answered with a Design Brief

  1. What is the purpose of the website? What are you selling or providing?
  2. What are the objectives and how will they achieve it?
  3. Who is the website directed at?
  4. What are the missions and visions involved?
  5. Who are the markets, customers and stakeholders?
  6. Who are the competitors and what are they doing to advertise their products?
  7. What is your niche market?
  8. What colour scheme, images and atmosphere do you want to create?
  9. How many pages do you want?
  10. How will the website function in terms of functionality, navigation and interactivity?
  11. Are the objectives of your website in close conjunction with the overall business and marketing plan?
  12. How will the website be managed once it has been launched?
  13. How will you attract visitors to your website?

Things to Consider with your Website Design Brief

  • Offer a few examples of the websites you like, this will give the web developer a clear indication of what you are after.
  • Suggest colours, navigation options and other important design details. Have a look on our site for more information on the Psychology of colours for your website design.
  • Have the copy ready for the website. This is the information or text that will appear on the website.
  • Remember to use SEO when writing the copy for your website.
  • It is important that clear goals are set in the design brief.
  • The design brief should indicate your available budget and time frame.
  • It is important that you have some kind of idea as to what you would like and what you are looking for.

The website design brief is crucial in saving money, time and resources. It is very important that all of the above mentioned questions are answered and addressed. The design brief should have all the necessary information about the design and what is expected of it. Without the design brief, the website will not be designed to the desired and expected standard. The website also ensures that everyone knows where they stand and what is expected of them.

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