How Can I Recognise A Fly By Night Website Company

It is important to recognise a fly by night website company before hiring a website company to do work on your website. In some cases no work will be done and your wallet will take the strain.

Reality Check
Be aware that there are many fly by night website companies whose sole purpose is to scam you. The website companies will make promises that they have no intention of keeping. They will then flee with your money and leave you to pick up the pieces.

Recognising a Fly by Night Website Company
Website companies are hired to do various tasks, such as SEO, website audits, website design, website hosting and more. Whatever tasks you require from a website company make sure that they are a legitimate company. The following indicates some of the traits that fly by night website companies have. These will help you to recognise a fly by night website company:

  1. If they promise to get you first place ranking on Google’s (or other search engines) ranking.
  2. If they charge much lower prices than competitors.
  3. If they charge much higher prices than competitors.
  4. If the company is not up to date with new website techniques.
  5. If the website company’s website is badly designed with various mistakes.
  6. If the company makes use of only mobile phone numbers, opposed to landlines.
  7. If they are difficult to get in touch with.
  8. If the company is evasive in terms of answering your questions.
  9. If your emails or messages are not returned.
  10. If you are pressured into paying.
  11. If they ignore you after you have paid for their services.
  12. If the website address of the company makes use of free email services i.e. gmail
  13. If the required method of payment is questionable i.e. cash only.
  14. If the company website does not have a lot of contact details.
  15. If the company website does not have a physical address.
  16. If the company is reluctant to inform you about past clients.
  17. If you research the company and no legitimate information is available.
  18. If you often reach an answering machine during office hours.
  19. If you found out about the company only through email.
  20. If the domain name of the company website is spelled incorrectly.
  21. If you have to register your personal information on the website.
  22. If the company has lost any of your valuable information.
  23. If the company does not give you any feedback or progress reports.
  24. If the company address is not in print and is only in the form of links.
  25. If you are asked to login to the site with a password.
  26. If you can only access the website through an email link.
  27. If the website address does not refer to the company or its name.
  28. If the company website has a lot of broken links.
  29. If the company website does not have any terms and conditions or they are difficult to find.
  30. If the terms and conditions require you to make extra payments.

The Good News
The good news is that not all companies are fly by night website companies that want to scam you. In many cases the website company is eager to provide you with a legitimate website service. This is the case with Ataga1 and Optimus01, in association with Veritas Prime. A number of legitimate services are provided including:

  • Website design and development
  • Hosting
  • Website audits
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia design
  • SEO service
  • AdWords campaign management

Take the time to learn about website company services, as this will help you to recognise the fly by night companies. If you feel that a company is a fake waiting to scam you, rather, keep your wallet closed.

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