Content Management Systems (CMS) Pros And Cons

What are the pros and cons of using Content Management Systems (CMS) on your website? The following provides the pros and cons of a CMS.

What is CMS?
A CMS is used to publish or manage content on a website. It enables people to edit and manage their website without needing to contact the experts such as their web developer.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Pros

The pros of a CMS include that it:

  1. Allows the website author to edit their own site.
  2. Makes multiple users possible.
  3. Limits the need for external website maintenance.
  4. Allows the focus to fall on website content.
  5. Allows content to be used multiple times after being stored once.
  6. Makes it easier to edit the content on the website.
  7. Makes frequent updates possible.
  8. Does not require users to write in code.
  9. Is cost effective, to an extent.
  10. Allows users to be updated.
  11. Has a variety of imaging and templates.
  12. Gives the website a unified look and feel.
  13. Allows for publishing that is “scheduled”.
  14. Has a variety of features including spell checker and link checker.
  15. Has different formats to deliver information such as Word Documents, RSS feeds or PDF.
  16. Helps to create an online community.
  17. Allows the website to be redesigned easily.
  18. Helps the navigation of the site to be improved.
  19. Increases the sites flexibility.
  20. Reduces the cost of maintenance on the website.

Content Management Systems (CMS) Cons

The cons of a CMS include:

  1. HTML editing becomes limited.
  2. There are limitations on design.
  3. The site becomes unusable during upgrades.
  4. Any mistakes on the site become “live” on the site immediately.
  5. There are software limitations that make it difficult to do certain tasks.
  6. More resources are used on the web server.
  7. It becomes difficult to change web hosts.
  8. Prices can increase if custom systems are needed.
  9. It can be time consuming in the beginning.
  10. A CMS cannot replace human opinion.
  11. It cannot make good decisions for you.
  12. To an extent some staff may need web training to understand processes.
  13. It limits the functioning of SEO.
  14. The risk of spammers on the site increases.
  15. There is a security risk.

Website Design

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A CMS has its pros and is not without its cons. When deciding the best direction for your website, take the time to evaluate your options. A CMS may or may not be the best choice for you and your website, depending on the type of site you need. At Optimus01 we will give you advise based on your requirements. You can also learn further more about Website Analytics here on our website.

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