Converting Website Visitors To Sales

Visitors to your website are regarded as traffic on the site. While traffic to the site is important, it is just as important to convert website visitors to sales.

The purpose of your site is to attract as many visitors as possible. With that in mind, the purpose of your site is also to generate revenue. If your site attracts visitors, but, is not getting any sales there is a problem. You need to evaluate the method that your site uses to make sales.

Conversions and SEO
In today’s market it is essential to optimise your site. This means adapting your site for SEO. Designing your site for SEO means that search engine “spiders” will be able to index your site and rank its content. While this will increase traffic, it is only half the battle. Your site needs to appeal to visitors and make them want to buy your product. The benefits and importance of having a website mean that your site can make a profit.

Converting Visitors to Sales
There are ways to make your site a place where visitors want to conduct business, such as:

  1. Make your site look professional.
  2. Make the site user-friendly.
  3. Make sure that visitors do not want to leave.
  4. Include your contact details.
  5. Offer multiple payment options.
  6. Have customer service that is easily accessible.
  7. Allow users to provide feedback.
  8. Make sure that your site has relevant content.
  9. Make sure that the site has quality content.
  10. Avoid using too much Flash technology.
  11. Make sure that your site does not take long to load.
  12. Include discounts on your products.
  13. If you don’t ask you don’t get, therefore make it clear that you want visitors to purchase your product.
  14. Ask for the sale.
  15. Offer discounts.
  16. Offer buy one get one free.
  17. Offer free shipping or delivery.
  18. Take note of your competition websites.
  19. Communicate with your users.
  20. Take note of how many users convert to buyers on your site.
  21. Ask users to fill in surveys relating to your site.
  22. Learn about the demographics of your visitors.
  23. Establish a relationship with your visitors.
  24. Make sure that your users trust your site and product.

When Visitors Become Buyers
The purpose of having a website is to generate traffic and to make a profit. While you may be attracting visitors, your site may not be making a profit. Now is the time to re-evaluate your website. Optimus, in association with Veritas Prime, can help you to increase your sites:

  • Traffic
  • Ranking
  • Revenue
  • Brand awareness

Optimus makes use of SEO online marketing to optimise your site’s success. Contact Optimus for more information on SEO or their SEO service.

Optimise your website to make sure that is gets online traffic, while at the same time converts website visitors to sales. This is important for your website’s image and success.


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