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Blogs and articles equally promote products and services in the online market. Blogs organize information according to time, whereas articles organize information according to content and information structures. The following takes a look at blogs in comparison to articles and how they both function online.

What are Blogs?
A blog (weblog) is a website that is managed by an individual. Individual entries of commentary, event descriptions or graphics can be created daily. A blog can promote products and services or function as an online diary. Content in a blog combines text, images or links to other online blogs. They allow online traffic to interact with others, as comments can be viewed freely. The information presented in blogs are less formal than the information contained in articles. Blog content is of a more socially influenced norm as readers use relaxed, conversational forms of writing.

Types of Blogs

  • Art/ Cultural blogs- music, art, and popular culture can be discussed in these blogs.
  • Photo blog
  • Video blogging
  • MP3 blog
  • Podcasting
  • Microblogging
  • Personal blogs
  • Topic blogs – similar to search engine functions.
  • Collaborative blogs – authorized and maintained by two individuals.
  • Business blogs – discussions on stock markets and other business related facts.
  • Directory blog -discussions on recent news, events and happenings.

Blog Facts

  1. Blogs are easy to create and to maintain; therefore communication is readily presented to online traffic.
  2. Blogs are search engine friendly, as each blog created is assigned with different URL addresses.
  3. They allow you to communicate with your online customer base.
  4. Hosting blogs is free.
  5. Unlimited space is available for bloggers on the World Wide Web.
  6. Blogs have more leeway in terms of length and style of content.
  7. Blogs drive short-term web traffic to other sites.
  8. Blog marketing aids one in endorsing and promoting one’s products or services to a wider spectrum across the web.
  9. Blogs allow competitors or potential clients to comment on products and services.
  10. Blogging brings the customer and the “service-provider” closer as it acts as a common interface.
  11. Blog marketing aids in developing an understanding with your clients, making it possible for you to take part in their discussions, receive feedback and ultimately build trust.
  12. Blog marketing also develops a channel where media can be clued-up about news associated with your business and on your insights related to news within your industry.

What are Articles?
Online articles provide in-depth information about certain topics, services or products. Articles are written in a formal, informational manner, it is not conversational like that of a blog. Articles are content rich, and market driven. Articles reinforce the products or services you are selling to online customers, as readers are given a full description of what you are selling to them.

Article Facts

  1. Articles are longer than blogs; they are very informative and are often longer than 250 words.
  2. Articles get good exposure across the web. Thus, your product or service will be seen by a number of potential clients.
  3. Articles have the ability to attract various search engines and increase your site\’s marketability.
  4. Articles are a free process of reaching a number of buyers interested in the type of product or service you are selling.
  5. Article marketing has the ability to get numerous links posted on other sites.
  6. Article marketing presents directory publishers with free content.
  7. The links created through article marketing, contain all the articles and their additional links will then begin a more active “lifespan” on a new web page with a zero Page Rank.

Both forms of writing provide information to online users. Thus depending on your intentions, target traffic and usability, one should use either articles or blogs when promoting one’s products and services.

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