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Ask.com is a search engine that is renowned for its innovation in search technology and search boundary design. Ask provides information rich content to its internet users. The following takes a look at the current facts of Ask.com

What is Ask.com?
Founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996 and renamed as Ask.com in 2005, Ask.com is a leading search engine on the web. The engine was designed by Garrett Gruener and David Warthen. Gary Chevsky designed the original software for the search engine. Ask.com is owned by InterActiveCorp (IAC). The idea behind the search engine is to provide fast and efficient information to visitors on this site. Visitors’ type in keywords or phrases into the search portal and information is pulled from the server. Ask.com recognizes math, dictionary or conversation format questions. In 2007 Ask.com was re-designed making it a simpler 3D presence.

Localised Services

  • Ask.com operates its services across certain countries each operating within associated languages.
  • Ask.fr (France)
  • Uk.ask.com (United Kingdom)
  • Ask.de (Germany)
  • Ask.es (Spain)
  • Ask.it (Italy)
  • Ask. Nl (Netherlands)

Ask.com Brands

Ask Kids
Ask.Kids was previously known as Ask Jeeves for Kids. This is an easy and fun website that gives children the opportunity to search the World Wide Web. It is an educational site that has age appropriate content and while it educates it also entertains.

Ask Sponsored Listings
(ASL) is an auction-system which enables various advertisers, agencies and SEM specialists to optimize their search marketing programs. Advertisers can target potential clients due to the networking of online services offered to them by (ASL). These services include search sites, Meta search sites, and lifestyle, technology and business sites.

This service allows visitors to search, subscribe or publish various RSS feeds or blogs. Bloglines index numerous live web content materials such as news, articles, images, audios and videos. In addition, this content is available in different languages.

Ask.com provides a viable language reference service to its visitors. This is an affiliate of Ask.com and is also owned by IAC.

Future Feature
Ask.com will soon be launching an AdSense competitor to all known publishers across the web.

Current Stats on Ask.com

  1. Ask Back links: 1159810
  2. Ask Traffic Rank: 47
  3. Ask Page views/User: 2.3
  4. Ask Bounce Rate Percentage: 54%
  5. Ask Visitors Time on Site: 2.0
  6. Ask Search Percentage: 7.5%
  7. Ask Google Page Rank: 7/10

Ask.com’s unique content and user friendly site makes it one of the leading search engines on the internet. It supplies a great service across many a spectrum and continues to impress with upcoming business ventures such as becoming an AdSense competitor for Google.

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