Long Tail Pro Review – Keyword Research Simplified

Long Tail Pro is the favorite keyword research tool among many, when it comes to creating and ranking relevant content with long tail keywords.

By targeting these long tail keywords or search phrases, website traffic can be increased dramatically and quickly with organic traffic from Google and other search engines.

Essentially long tail keywords are longer search phrases that people use to search for and find very specific things on search engines.


This is a Long Tail Pro Review:

Long tail keywords are also a lot easier to rank for, as well as being highly effective for finding targeted buyers. These keywords are keywords that one would usually target through PPC advertising as they are generally used by buyers to find specific products or services.

If you are looking for a keyword research tool, Long Tail Pro may be the perfect solution for you. This powerful keyword research tool can generate thousands of unique buyer keyword phrases based on one or multiple root keywords.



“Finding valuable long tail keywords a breeze with Long Tail Pro”

If you are looking to get more buyers, ranking for long tail keywords, is the fastest way to increase website traffic.

Take Long Tail Pro Review \”Test Drive\” and find hundreds of buyer’s keywords

Long Tail Pro – Untapped Buyer Keywords

  • Discover untapped Profitable Buyers Keywords within seconds
  • Search Individual or Multiple Seed Keywords
  • Advanced Search Filters: Filter options for keywords you want to eliminate. E.g, if you are searching for keywords that have 2,000 or more exact match searches with a CPC bid of $5 or less, Long Tail Pro will filter those out for you.
  • Domain Search: Search for exact match domains as soon as your long tail keyword phrases are generated.
  • Check Search Engine Rankings: Accurately check your websites ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

and much more…

If you are looking for a powerful, easy to use and effective keyword research tool – Long Tail Pro is definitely an effective solution

Long Tail Pro Review – Benefits

If you are reading this Long Tail Pro Review its probably because you already know that most keyword research tools available in the market today are time consuming, confusing and quite cumbersome to use. Long Tail Pro stands out from the masses with the following benefits:

  1. Mouse hover “tooltips” for summary of options function.
  2. Quickly toggle between the setting and keyword page.
  3. Step by step instructional videos.
  4. One-time payment for Long Tail Pro
  5. Immediately downloadable after purchase.
  6. FREE lifetime updates
  7. “Wishlist” requests for new features in future versions.
  8. Long Tail Pro user community

Long Tail Pro – How to Videos


When you decide to take action and buy after reading thins Long Tail Pro Review, you will gain immediate access to the following 9, step by step instructional videos that will walk you through the various features.

Watch the videos and quickly learn how to use Long Tail Pro as well as best practices for finding buyers keywords.

Everything you need to get started….

Long Tail Pro comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk to you at all to try it out. If you have been struggling with other tools, or are having difficulty ranking for profitable keywords, Optimus01 highly recommends Long Tail Pro.

Below are a list of Long Tail Pro & Platinum frequently asked questions that our clients often have:

Will it Long Tail Pro work on my Mac?
Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Platinum will work on Mac and PC.

Can the program be installed on more than one computer?
Yes, it can be installed ion up to three different computers.

Is there customer support?
Yes, Spencer Haws and the Long Tail Pro team are dedicated to providing some of the best support to their clients

Can I test the software before buying it?
Yes, Download a FREE Trial version and take it for a 10 Day test-drive.

What is the cost of Long Tail Pro?
Monthly cost of $25 ( $297 billed annually)

What is the cost of Long Tail Agency?
Monthly cost of $98 ($1177 billed annually)

Is Long Tail Pro difficult to use?
No.  As you saw above, it’s very user-friendly and comes with a host of “How to” videos.

Long Tail Pro Vs Market Samurai?


  • Faster to find profitable “buyers”keywords
  • Faster to analyze the competition
  • Target multiple seed keywords
  • Simpler user interface


  • Less professional look and feel
  • Less robust in terms of long-term data
  • Less established founder then Market Samurai

Long Tail Pro Vs SECockpit?


  • A lot more keywords as search data is not cached
  • Advanced search filters.
  •  Simplistic, to the point much easier to use


  • Slower than SECockpit at delivering keywords (even with less keywords)
  • Posibly better support from SECockpit – however this should be expected with such a high monthly cost
  • Less robust in terms of long-term data tracking

After reading this Long Tail Pro Review, if you are looking for an all-in-one keyword research tool to find profitable buyers keywords for your niche site, authority site, or blog, one simply can’t go wrong with Long Tail Pro.

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