Benefits of Advertising with Emails

Email Advertising aids websites in generating optimum amounts of traffic and revenue. Email advertising is not regarded as spam if using safe lists and email lists (opting-in). The following takes a look at the benefits of Email advertising as an online marketing venture.

What is Email Advertising?
Email advertising is a process whereby a huge number of emails can be sent out to recipients at one time. This, if done correctly, is not regarded as illegal spam. Email advertising is direct marketing, therefore targeting specific industries, giving relevant information about your service or product. Online marketers seek to acquire new customers or to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. This advertising strategy is affordable, direct and actionable. Small and large businesses have the opportunity to reach potential customers and ultimately optimize their return on investments. Ensure that the Email adverts you do send to potential customers are relevant and are of high quality. Do not attempt to “over advertise” by sending mails to the same recipient too often.

Benefits of Email Advertising

  1. The most notable of all benefits is that Email Advertising is cost effective. It is in contrast to other media investments, such as direct mail or printed newsletters, less expensive.
  2. One can track ones return investment.
  3. It is instant advertising, rather than creating advertisement campaigns, which could be timely.
  4. The delivery time of an email is far shorter than those of mailing campaigns.
  5. Those who do Email advertising can make the advert personal as it is addressed to a certain target.
  6. One can target globally as well as nationally.
  7. There are companies that share email addresses if one does not have their own leads to work from.
  8. If the content of your Email is appealing, you stand a good chance of more traffic visiting your website.
  9. Email is generally the easiest way to communicate with others; this gives you a good chance of getting responses to your advertisement.
  10. Email advertising allows you to communicate with potential clients rather than waiting for them to visit your website again.
  11. This way of advertising limits other business costs such as paper and monthly phone accounts.
  12. Email advertising has a high return on investment.
  13. It encourages others to forward information onto other people that may be interested.
  14. You have the flexibility in deciding the advertisement’s size, content and design.
  15. Exposure to your advertisement is not limited as email recipients can go back and read your message.
  16. Your Email Advertisement is hidden from your competitors.
  17. There is a high selectivity factor as these Email advertisements is distributed only to targeted markets.
  18. Not only is Email advertising faster to prepare, but response time to your mail is usually quicker as well.
  19. If you are interested in launching promotions, one can test a promotion on a small scale before committing a huge budget / target group.

Email advertisements should be appealing and attract the reader’s interest; it must be clear, concise and easy to respond to. Coordinate your Email adverts with other advertising methods to ultimately increase your return on your investment (ROI). Presenting one specific offer or promotion instead of a variety of options is usually a more effective approach.


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