All About DMOZ

Dmoz is a multilingual open content directory. It is also known as (ODP) Open Directory Project. This directory contains World Wide Web links to online users. The following takes a look at Dmoz and what it provides for online visitors.

About Dmoz
Dmoz (Directory Mozilla) was founded by Rick Skrenta and Bob Truel in 1998. It is today’s largest, most extensive online directory on the web. This directory is edited by volunteer editors and is owned by Netscape. It is in partnership with AOL. Dmoz provides its services to a number of search engines across the web. Data is provided for search engines and portals such as Netscape Search, AOL Search, Google and Alexa to name a few. Dmoz serves results for search engines such as Google. There are over 4 million websites listed on this directory. Dmoz organizes its content by means of subject. Every website and webpage is placed into a category and can be found under certain topics. Websites can be listed onto this directory free of charge. Visitors are also open to use Dmoz’s data and not be susceptible to charges.

Dmoz’s Services
Dmoz is not a search engine that provides information to online users. It provides website information as it is an online directory; it does however offer a search query option. Dmoz does not rank, promote or optimize any websites. It includes sites that have unique content and that offer visitor’s quality information. Due to the directory being human-edited, online users have a better chance of gaining relevant information, other than other non-human edited directories. It may take time to review websites as they are done manually and are not computer generated. When wanting a website to be listed ensure the site has original content and has no plagiarized content. A website should also be error free and easy to use.

What Does Dmoz Submission Service Not Accept?

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Identical Mirrors URLs
  • Redirect and Cloaked URLs
  • Adult and Child Pornography
  • Gambling Related
  • Site Listing From An External Search Result
  • Site Listings As Notices
  • Spider Foods, Lead Generators & Content Mills

Current Stats on Dmoz

  • Dmoz Back links: 165405610
  • Dmoz Traffic Rank: 3
  • Dmoz Page views/User: 7.03
  • Dmoz Bounce Rate Percentage: 27%
  • Dmoz Visitors Time on Site: 9.1
  • Dmoz Search Percentage: 8.5%
  • Dmoz Google Page Rank: 9/10
  • Dmoz Sites listed 4,830,584
  • Dmoz Editors 75,151
  • Dmoz Categories 590,000

A website being listed on Dmoz does not optimize the site in terms of page rank. However Dmoz does more often than not have categories with page ranks. So the benefit is a free link from a high page ranked web page.

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