What Are Website Audits and How Can They Help Me

Website audits evaluate your website and pinpoint its weaknesses, which will then be improved on to make your website better.

1. What is a Website Audit?
A website audit evaluates your website for various things from navigation to information quantity and quality. You may think that a website audit is not important or beneficial. Optimus01 will change your thinking and show you the benefits of a website audit. Check on our website for more information on the Importance of a Website Audit.

2. Think of the User
If you have a website you must be a website user. As a website user you will have come across frustrating sites that use liquid design (horizontal scrolling), have broken links or loads slowly. Most likely you can make a long list of frustrating website errors. Now think about your website and its users. If they do not return or stay for long, you have a problem. If your competitor has more hits, you have a problem.

3. How Can A Website Audit Help Me?
The reality is that website audits can help your website. It will analyse its parts and improve them. Ask yourself why you want to make your site better? If your website operates at its optimum it will keep the visitors it attracts and will be a challenge for competitors. Ironing out the kinks in your site will also make it more credible.

4. Having a Website Audit
Now that you are aware of the importance and benefits of having a website audit you may wonder how to get a website audit. Optimus01,  has a team of skilled online experts that will carry out a website audit on your website. This entails an evaluation of:

  • Grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Content flow
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • Content
  • Graphics
  • Website code

Optimus01 website audit will also provide you with a breakdown of:

  1. Problem areas
  2. Broken links
  3. Inoperable pages
  4. Code errors

Contact us for more information on our website audits.

Remember the point, importance and benefits of having a website? The chances are you have a good website, but it could have some problems. A website audit will help to optimise your site and increase its success.

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