Importance of a Website Audit

The purpose of a website audit is to aid webmasters or owners in the understanding of the functional areas and components of a website’s performance on the Internet. This audit is very important to your online campaign. The following takes a look at the importance of a website audit.

What is a Website Audit?

A Website audit zones in on the functionalities of a website. Forms, information, content, evaluation of ranking, and the quality of a website are reviewed. This is done to identify and improve any shortcomings that might not have been picked up if a website audit was not preformed. Information is checked to see if it goes through the correct receivers and if click through navigation is relevant. The website’s graphics are also analyzed in terms of flash animation or any other multimedia features. Other elements such as traffic are also monitored as traffic plays a big factor in the success of your website and generation of sales.

The Importance of Website Audit

This is why a Website Audit is important:

  1. Analysis of your website can give you insight into new graphic and strategic ideas.
  2. It can help you tweak components that are hampering your website’s current performance.
  3. Such reports can give you insight into your website’s traffic ranking, bounce rates and search percentages.
  4. This analysis can also help you create new online marketing strategies.
  5. These new strategies will ultimately snowball traffic to your website.
  6. A traffic report within a website audit indicates where traffic to your site is coming from and which search terms (keywords) are being used to trigger your site.
  7. This report also provides insight into which websites provide referrals.
  8. A complete website audit also provides feedback on certain links or problems with your websites links.
  9. Broken website links are validated, ensuring your site is free of current broken links which could hamper the functioning of your website.
  10. HTML errors are also corrected as errors to your HTML can present your pages incorrectly in web browsers.
  11. Response time and download time are also reviewed during the analysis. A slow loading website can hinder the success of your website. The following link explains “what makes my website load slowly?”
  12. Character setting is checked as wrong outputs of a page can hinder the indexing of your website by search engines.
  13. It is important to check the file size of your website, (optimize your bandwidth usage) as large files of pages or images may increase your download times.
  14. The website audit will ensure that your site contains link juice flows to your pages as you want the optimum ranking within search engines.
  15. The analysis also maintains your website’s page titles, ensuring there is no duplication within your site.
  16. Meta descriptions are also verified, relevant and optimized.
  17. If you have chosen Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to optimize your website, a website audit will monitor its optimizing process.

Overall a comprehensive website audit works for your advantage, your site will continue growing in terms of traffic and page rankings and will ultimately increase your return on your investment (ROI). Website audit solutions provide everything you need to know about monitoring and maintaining your website.


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