Online Marketing Strategies

Online marketing is all about presence. Without presence or brand awareness online, advertising over the internet loses its desired effect. An online marketing strategy is an essential tool that requires as much work put in as the results you expect. Below, we take a look at what options are available to you when developing the best possible online marketing strategy for your business.

Online Marketing Strategy
What Is An Online Marketing Strategy?
An online marketing strategy is essentially the plan put in place for the purpose of achieving optimum profitable and lucrative business results (e.g.: sales of products or services). Goals are an essential tool for the follow though of an effective online marketing strategy that is “custom designed” for your specific campaign and business needs. Marketing online serves to attract more internet users to a website, increase the number of customers and enhance a company‘s brand awareness.

Short Term & Long Term Online Marketing Strategy
Having short term and long term goals or plans enables the implementation of an online marketing strategy to run a bit smoother:

  • Short term marketing strategies – bring a temporary boost in traffic and can include purchase advertising, forum participation and all major search engines.
  • Long term marketing strategies – bring a steady stream of targeted audience traffic over a period of time and can include opt-in lists, blogs, social networking websites, social bookmarking websites and content articles.

An online marketing strategic plan should include the following:

  1. A fantastic product or service – develop a product or service that offers a target audience something unique and of high quality. A product or service must fulfil a need or desire above and beyond the expectations of the recipient and provide them with instant gratification. In order to do this, research is an essential factor, vitally important and cannot be replaced.
  2. A website that is designed for your business success (i.e.: sells and generate income) – content and keywords are essential to the success of not only reaching a website viewer, but getting them to take action (enquire about services or purchase products). Copy has the ability to convert visitors into customers. The power of your words can either influence a visitor to stay or click away. Ensure that your keywords, catch phrase, headlines and sentences all have a specific purpose.
  3. A flexible course of action or plan for strategy implementation

Things To Remember When Creating An Online Marketing Strategy

  • Define the demographics of a targeted audience.
  • Identify opportunities at your disposal that can be attained through your particular online marketing campaign.
  • Set strong, definitive online marketing campaign goals and objectives.
  • Devise a web promotion plan, as well as an effective web design and development strategy.
  • Select appropriate online marketing vehicles, such as Optimus who can assist you with the most effective internet advertising campaign plan.
  • Develop innovative and uniquely special marketing solutions
  • Track the results of a campaign continuously, learning how to best achieve desired and effective results
  • Review marketing that has been previously done and ensure that the new campaign is fresh and new.
  • Develop a professional and user friendly website for your business. A website will serve as the tool that persuades and educates your customers to learn more about your company, what it offers and how they can go about purchasing services or products.
  • As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, just the same, an online marketing strategy cannot be implemented in a single day. A strategy should work in parts whereby separate tasks fill up a fully operational schedule over an allocated period of time.

Search Engine Marketing Strategy Types
Cost Per Click
Cost per click packages enable a business to only pay for each and every click made by a user to their website from any one of the major search engines (Google, MSN and Yahoo) available. These packages are beneficial for a business in that an online user audience can be more effectively targeted through the use of purposeful keywords and catch phrases out together from the advertising company.

Banner Advertising
Banner advertising is a vastly effective means of marketing online. Major search engines and web directories can be made use of for this type of campaign strategy with pleasing results. The effectiveness of a banner advertisement campaign displayed online largely depends on its design (colours used, keywords and phrases etc). Other factors to consider are industry types. A cost per click package can also be taken out for a banner advertisement campaign set to a monthly or annual fee, depending on the company consulted with to provide this service. Veritas Prime are online marketing specialists who are well equipped to provide your online marketing campaign with the best possible results at affordable prices.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEO is essentially all about getting a company’s website as high as possible in search engine rankings. Ideally the top 5 listings are most desirable and with hard work, as well as an “out of this world” marketing campaign it can be achieved. One benefit of making use of SEO is that it is incredibly cost effective and arguably the type of strategy able to achieve the best rankings of sales – conversion rates online.

In Conclusion
When devising a strong and effective online marketing strategy that is set to see rewarding results in an advertising campaign, it is always good to keep in mind who your competitors are. Online marketing is a wide open playing field with many competing for the top spot, with the primary aim of achieving winning results. Knowing who your main competitors are places you one step ahead. Knowing what their online marketing strategies are gives you a more competitive edge. The downside is that there will always be another company on the horizon hoping to create an online presence for themselves too and will no doubt be working hard to take your place. Online marketing must therefore be flexible and ongoing. A strategy devised and implemented must suit your campaign needs.

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