Logo Design Do\’s and Don\’ts

What do you need to consider when designing a logo for your company? Here are a list of important logo design do’s and don’ts to consider.

Designing a logo can be hard work. Putting your all into the design is a must, if you want to have a logo that is above par. Here are some important do’s and don’ts that need to be considered when designing your company logo and corporate identity

The Do’s of Logo Design

  1. Logos should be kept simple, as these are easier to remember and offer a bigger impact.
  2. Do some research within your competitive field. This will give you a good idea as to what works and what does not.
  3. The most important word and element should stand out from and be something special amongst all the competition.
  4. Ensure that the colours you use when designing your logo compliment each other and don’t clash.
  5. Ensure that the size, colour, shape and design of your logo remain the same at all times.
  6. Stick to the font, colour and design you have chosen.
  7. Using symbols and images will add a little extra to your design.
  8. Your logo should look just as good and effective in black and white.
  9. Your logo should be creative and it should grab others attention. Your logo should have a personality.
  10. Ensure that your logo suits your company and the purpose of your company.
  11. Your logo should properly convey the message you are trying to relay.

The Don’ts of Logo Design

  1. Stay away from clipart entirely. However, bring an example to Ataga and we will help to modify, improve and make it original.
  2. Never copy someone else’s logo, this defeats the purpose of creating your own unique logo and corporate identity.
  3. Avoid making your font choices too decorative and fancy. They should be readable and clear no matter how you resize them.
  4. Never use all caps in your logo.
  5. Never split the important parts of your logo design. This means that the logo, images and slogan need to appear as a unified entity.
  6. The logo should always sit on a solid colour or white background. Don’t place the logo on a patterned, image or textured background.
  7. Never swap and change the colour of your logo, it should remain consistent for as long as the logo is applicable.
  8. Don’t change the design of your logo on a regular basis.
  9. Don’t use different font designs in your logo.
  10. Don’t use shadows and stretching effects on your logos, because they won’t look nice when resized and viewed on different surfaces and screens.
  11. Never suddenly or randomly change your logo from a vertical or horizontal angle. Keep your logo consistent and constantly the same.
  12. Don’t contain your logo in a box.
  13. Never change the size of your logo to fit a specific space.
  14. Don’t use fonts that are hard to read and see.
  15. Don’t use colours that clash.
  16. Don’t use a photograph as your logo.
  17. Avoid boring and cliché designs.
  18. Don’t make your logo design too complicated.
  19. Never change the size of your logo.

The Ideal Logo Design
Designing a logo can be made easier by following these simple logo design do’s and don’ts.

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