Blogging & Blog Basics

New to Blogging? Start at the beginning.

Business Blogs are fast becoming a valuable tool for companies looking to market their business and build an online presence. Research has shown that 92% of companies who blog regularly have acquired a customer from their blog.

The NOMINAL cost is therefore worth it for any business – small, medium, you name it!

Blogging brands you and your company as the experts and gives your visitors access to your knowledge, while promoting the value you provide. Having a blog and blogging is a marketing asset that will generate high-quality traffic, new leads and ultimately more sales for your business.


Characteristics of a Blog

  • Search Engine Magnets: Business blogs are the ideal places for search engines to find the content they like to list and rank in their index
  • No technical knowledge required: With the new blogging solution available today there is no technical expertise needed to set up and design a blog in a couple of minutes. ¬†Blogs can be setup ¬†on your own domain instantly. Articles and pages are added through a \”Windows\” type of interface and Social networking \”sharing icons¬†below each post. All this allows you to do it all yourself¬†from creation to marketing, instantly.
  • Readers can leave comments:¬†This is the perfect opportunity for developing a relationship and networking with potential clients, suppliers or partners. Readers can respond to your posts allowing you to see who is interested in your products or services.
  • Automatically organised:¬†Organisation and structure are important for visitors and search engines to find your information. Categories, tags and archives are integral parts of a blog and each post will automatically be ordered according to the selection you make.

What will Small Business gain from Blogging?

  • Having a blog & blogging is a low-cost solution to building a web presence and¬†to get your company\’s name out on the Internet.¬†A Blog is the ideal marketing tool for small business owners without the time to learn web html or the money to hire a designer/developer.
  • Blog software is easy to use. Blogging enables users to connect with their audience by writing articles, linking to resources, and publishing content to your blog, all at the push of a few buttons.¬†
  • Updating a company blog is much faster and easier¬†then contacting a web designer with changes or doing the coding and uploading yourself.
  • Business blogging will provide your small business with an opportunity to share your knowledge¬†and¬†expertise¬†with a much larger target audience.
  • Build a database of targeted leads on autopilot through your blog.

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