How to get Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is a social network that allows you to directly communicate with others through messages, photographs and advertising. The following takes a look at the features on Facebook and how it can generate optimum traffic to your website.

What is Facebook?
Facebook among other social networks is a promotional platform which holds numerous advantages for those in online marketing. Blogs, AdWords and affiliate links can be used to generate income from this social network. Facebook not only functions as a social channel, it also works from a marketing perspective. However, one cannot use Facebook to sell a service or product directly to online users, but rather promote. This network allows an entrepreneur to gain a level of trust with his potential clients. A business profile must be created in order to “do business” on Facebook, as a personal profile is not recommended.

Using Facebook to Optimize Traffic

  1. Facebook is a channel in which promotion and business can be done, visitors have the opportunity to suggest or give their opinions about the service or product you are offering.
  2. Social media optimization (Facebook) plays a big part in Internet marketing, as it is used to generate traffic and various backlinks.
  3. Your profile page (wall) is the easiest way to start promoting your services or products.
  4. You can join groups on Facebook that will promote your business and drive traffic to your site.
  5. You are able to create your own groups, by which others join and interact with you and learn more about your business.
  6. Links can be created on your website that will redirect visitors to Facebook and allow them to comment on your business.
  7. Facebook has a feature called Facebook Marketplace. This feature allows visitors to buy products or services online.
  8. Facebook advertising allows you to target a specific industry and clients.
  9. Facebook advertising allows you to create an advert with unique titles, images and content.
  10. This network provides filters such as location, age, keywords and workplace.
  11. There are two ways to pay for Facebook Advertising: Pay per click (CPC) and impressions (CPM).
  12. You will be able to track your progress of your advertisements on Facebook with real-time reports.
  13. These real-time reports show who and how many visitors (traffic) are clicking on your adverts.
  14. Another feature on Facebook, Facebook pages, presents your business on this page and allows posting of content which in turn creates conversation between traffic.
  15. Each post posted on this page will be displayed on Facebook through a news feed.
  16. This news feed then passes information posted about your business to others that you may not be in contact with on Facebook as of yet.
  17. Blogs are also a very popular mode of promoting your business on Facebook.
  18. Ensure the blogs you create are well constructed, as some information cannot be read by the webmaster.
  19. The blogs you create will increase brand awareness, and can be updated daily.
  20. Blogs may aid in exposing seasonal promotions or specials your business may be offering.
  21. The profile you create on Facebook is a deal maker or breaker. Ensure the features and content in the profile attracts visitors’ attention.
  22. Provide a sufficient amount of background information about your product or service.
  23. Regular updates and posts to your business profile will increase traffic opportunities.
  24. If traffic seems sluggish, opt in using Facebook\’s Social ads. These are pay per click advertisements and are similar to starting an AdWords campaign through Google.

Current Stats on Facebook

  • Facebook’s Back links: 70567000
  • Facebook’s Traffic Rank: 2
  • Facebook’s Page views/User: 13.6
  • Facebook’s Bounce Rate Percentage: 12%
  • Facebook’s Visitors Time on Site: 29.4
  • Facebook’s Search Percentage: 7.8%
  • Facebook’s Google Page Rank: 9/10

Facebook allows you the opportunity to promote your services and products as well as gain feedback from customers. Any method of snowballing traffic to your site on Facebook builds interest in you and your business.

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