SEO Techniques

Techniques for optimizing your website in terms of getting first page ranking on search engines, requires SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The following takes a look at the SEO techniques that will aid you in gaining a higher search engine position for your website.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Internet users search the net for information by entering various keywords into a search engine. The search engine then lists relevant websites for the internet user to observe. SEO will increase the chances of your website being listed on the 1st page of the major search engines, for internet users to observe.

General SEO Techniques

  1. When deciding on a domain name, ensure to use keyword phrases that are relevant to your service or product.
  2. Your domain name should be easy to understand, read, spell and remember for visitors and potential traffic to your website.
  3. The keywords you use must link to relevant pages of content in your website as well as be mentioned in your anchor text and site map.
  4. SEO requires a keyword density limit of 5% – 8% within the content of each of your website pages.
  5. Your keywords should appear toward the top of your page and run through your web text accordingly.
  6. Be sure not to over use your keywords as search engines may mistake your site as spam, and place your site in the Google Sandbox.
  7. Inappropriate SEO techniques (Black Hat SEO) will result in your site being considered as spam, invisible text and mirror sites.
  8. Black Hat SEO techniques will rank your site higher within a given search engine for a short period of time, but ultimately your site will be blacklisted within 3- 6 months and be moved to the Google Sandbox.
  9. Construct your Meta tags of your site by assigning a heading (usually the title of the page), and a description (usually keywords relating to the context of that page).
  10. You are required to use different titles, descriptions and initial sentences for each page of your site.
  11. Try using shorter titles for each page as it will optimize your keyword relevance.
  12. Author tags should consist of the name of the enterprise that owns this site that is being optimized. These tags will optimize your chances of gaining a number 1 ranking for your company’s name.
  13. Use inclusive Robot Tags on the pages of your site that you want to be indexed.
  14. Keyword-rich, quality content will bring more traffic to your site.
  15. Avoid the use of active URLs such as php, asp and cf, as search engines find them problematic to index.
  16. Search engines cannot follow frame links on sites; provide alternative modes for search engines to index your website.
  17. An optimized site requires appropriate site maps, and menu systems with links to other pages should appear on every page.
  18. Theme your site to enhance your SEO techniques. Search engines crawl your site and draw information from it. If your site centers around one theme in particular, it will be ranked higher.
  19. Themes work to your advantage as the keywords you use to create this theme will be detected and increase your SERP (search Engine Results Position).
  20. SEO also involves website design. The optimization of your site depends on the design and ultimately whether or not it is user friendly.
  21. A website that has a bad colour scheme and layout will not attract traffic to your site. Make your site as eye catching as you can, place your graphic header and menu bar on each page of your site.
  22. The presentation of your site should have Cascading Styles Sheets (CSS). This will separate your content from your presentation. This results in a smaller html file for your site which, search engines favour.
  23. Stray away from using flash in your website as search engines find flash problematic to read.

The process of SEO takes time, yet with long term effects. Gratified results are present after the first 3 months from the start of SEO, especially if your company is smaller than others. By following the precise SEO techniques, you will ultimately reach your goal of increased traffic, leading to a higher turn over of investment.

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