Corporate Identity Tips

Are you unsure of how to improve your Corporate Identity? Ataga has a number of tips to offer. Read on to learn some corporate identity tips.

What is a Corporate Identity?
The corporate identity of a company refers to the external personality that is projected by a specific company to the public and others in the same market or field. The corporate identity will help determine how others view the company as a whole; this also has a lot to do with public image control. A corporate identity includes branding and logos, marketing and advertising. These will have a specific and consistent colour scheme and design to assist in ensuring that the brand and company is recognisable and well known for years to come. Your corporate identity should profile and visualise the company’s ideas, concept and character.

Corporate identity is also centred on effective communication between the company and the public. Some examples of communication with regards to corporate identity include press releases, advertisements, articles and other forms of communication. Focusing on behaviour and morals is also an important feature in corporate identity. When considering a corporate identity, it is crucial that you answer the following question: when a customer thinks about my company, what qualities, goals, purpose and impression comes to mind? Remember corporate identity is all about your image and how it will attract your potential target market.

Corporate identity Tips

  • Your logo and other corporate identity items need to be simple and recognisable. It should not be too complex; this is so that the logo and catch phrase can catch people’s attention and can be remember and stored in their memory.
  • If your logo design is too fancy and over the top it will no be able to be placed on a number of different surfaces from letterheads to billboards.
  • If you decide to use colours, it is important that you bare in mind that you need to stick to these colours and they need to be consistent throughout your packaging and advertising. Choose colours that are complimentary and memorable.
  • When designing your logo, be sure to keep it unique, simple and original.
  • You need to pay careful attention to your corporate identity as it is often the first impression people will have of your company. This can be achieved by building your brand and carefully marketing your product.
  • Branding includes logo design as well as business cards, adverts and brochures. These will describe your business’s products, services and specialities. These are also used to create brand awareness and knowledge about your company and what it offers.
  • It is important that you know what your company stands for and what they want to achieve.
  • The identity needs to be consistent throughout all your campaigns and products.
  • You should have a tagline that explains exactly what you do as a company and how it will benefit your clients by using your business.
  • Limit the number of fonts you use in your logo and branding. This is because too many can become confusing and appear chaotic. Some good examples are “Avant Garde” and “Optima”. The best options are “Avant Garde” and “Optima”.
  • Your corporate identity consists of 3 very important elements; these include the company name, logo and tagline.
  • The logo, branding and general appearance of your company needs to be professional and shows that you mean business.
  • Items that can be used to improve your corporate identity: business cards, letterheads, envelopes, note cards, letterhead, note cards, postcards, brochures, website and adverts.
  • Remember visual interpretation is very important and can be used to your advantage.
  • Conduct research by visiting competitor’s websites. The will allow you to get ideas on designs that are pleasing to the eye and memorable.
  • Avoid using clipart; it can look cheap and unprofessional. If you want to design your own logo, hire Optimus01 to help you to create a unique, memorable and special one.
  • Only choose 2 colours (psychology of colours) when creating your corporate identity. This is also a cost effective way to design your logo and corporate identity.
  • The size of the logo used to promote and improve your corporate identity needs to be considered. Ensure that it is legible in both very big and small sizes.
  • When creating your corporate identity it is important that you include the phone number, email address, physical address, website URL and the products on all materials such as business cards, adverts and brochures.
  • Look at your competitors and decide what you like and dislike.
  • You will decide on the following for the corporate identity: colour, font, page layouts, and methods to achieve visual continuity and brand recognition for the brand.
  • You also need to consider corporate communication such as advertising, PR and other information.
  • It is important that you work on the ethics, norms and values of the company as a whole.

Fixing your Corporate Identity
Your corporate identity is an important factor that needs to be considered and worked on so that your brand becomes well known and your company can thrive in a very competitive market. Your reputation is all you have, so allow Optimus01 to assist you in improving your corporate identity. It is crucial that your business is memorable and equipped to please your potential clients. Ensure that your company has a corporate identity to be proud of.

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