Optimizing Your Site for Alta Vista

Alta Vista is now known as the Yahoo! search engine. The optimization of your websites pages on Alta Vista generates a higher page ranking within months of commencing SEO on your site. The following takes a look at the approaches to optimizing your site for Alta Vista.

Alta Vista and Optimization
The basis of AltaVista’s success is owed to the engines ability to index over 140 million pages. Your websites design plays a critical role in the way in which Alta Vista optimizes your pages. A poorly designed site will result in a lower page ranking as it cannot be indexed as easily as a well designed site. Alta Vista does not spider the pages of your site using specific links between your pages. This search engine recommends you to submit the pages you want to be indexed individually and if this is not done, your pages may never be located and indexed.

Optimizing Your Site for Alta Vista

  • Ensure that when designing your site you avoid the inclusion of frames. Alta Vista does not support frames.
  • If your site does contain frames, Alta Vista will only be able to index the text found between the “no frame” tags on your site.
  • If the use of frames is necessary to include within your site, ensure the frames contain “no frame” tags with relevant content within.
  • Alta Vista favours the use of keywords in the titles of your pages. These keywords should be eye-catching and easy to remember for your targeted audience.
  • Title tags are very important in the optimization process, if you do not include title tags and keywords you will not be indexed by Alta Vista.
  • This search engine can only index the first 100 characters of your title, so do not exceed this amount of characters.
  • Do not repeat selected keywords within your title tags.
  • Controlling the description of your site in Alta Vista requires the use of the description Meta tag. Alta Vista then uses this Meta description in the engines search results.
  • Create unique and dynamic Meta tag descriptions that will snowball traffic to your site. These words used in your Meta tag descriptions are used by Alta Vista in indexing your site.
  • Bear in mind not to exceed 150 characters in your Meta tag description, as Alta Vista only indexes the first 150 characters.
  • Capitalize your original keywords as some users search using capitals.
  • To secure page rankings on Alta Vista, submit multiple pages of your site with differing keyword masses.
  • Ensure that the text within your content is easy to read and not lost within the background graphics of your site.
  • Do not use too many keywords or content that is irrelevant to your topics contained within your site.
  • Do not duplicate your content as your site will not be optimized.
  • Do not add pages that only include links to other pages or pages that intentionally redirect traffic to other pages on your site.
  • Do not submit URL’s that may be regarded as spam.
  • Do not be tempted to include hidden text or small text within your site. Hidden text is text that is in the same colour as the background colour. This is also part of black hat SEO techniques i.e. unethical SEO
  • Do not cloak your pages as this may result in your site being sandboxed by Google. This is also a part of black hat SEO
  • Do not use link farms in the attempt to increase your link popularity.

Optimization of a site on Alta Vista is a process that takes time; however you will be able to reap the benefits of your optimized site in terms of the traffic driven to your site and an increase in your return on investment (ROI). By following these optimizing tips Alta Vista will be able to index your site. It will also be able to follow the links set up from your home page to all of your sub-pages.

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