Trailers Unlimited Case Study

Case Study: How We Increased PPC Leads by 994%… In 90 Days

This client is a custom trailer manufacturer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. When we began working with them in March 2018, they had been managing their own Google Ad campaigns with a budget between R5000-R7500 per month.

The campaign\’s performance was poor, only generating about 12-15 leads per month. Eventually, their in-house campaign was performing so poorly their classified ad postings were achieving more leads than their Google campaign.

Goal of Campaign

Our goal was to significantly increase the number of conversions (website leads & phone calls) and lower the cost per conversion as much as possible.

  • The client had a very old HTML website with poor graphics and images
  • Fairly small starting ad budget


The client wasn\’t able to start with a website remodel right away, so our strategy for the first 3 months was to create a new Google Ads campaign, with the goal of increasing the number of conversions the client was getting from their existing Html website.

By doing this first, we would be able to confirm that our Google Ads strategy was effective before building a new website, and we would be able to demonstrate that we were able to implement a reliable strategy even with an old and outdated website.

  • Leads generated from website forms being completed
  • Phone calls from the website
  • Phone calls directly from Google Ads

Our strategy, once the new website was built, was to further improve the Google Ads campaign by implementing retargeting campaigns (image ads) that would be seen by all users who have visited the website but have not yet become a lead, or called the client.


After the first 30 days, we were able to achieve a small increase in conversions generated each month however our ave cost per conversion was very high at around R463.33 per conversion.

This served to confirm that our Google Ads strategy was effective however, the old and outdated website was holding us back, and slowing down our progress significantly.

At this point, we strongly urged the client to allow us to redesign their website in order to achieve better results, even faster.

After we launched the new website and started to see a significant increase in conversions, we recommended to the client that they increase their monthly advertising budget to R12,500 per month in order to scale the great results we were already getting.

The client agreed and we soon reached a point in where the client\’s pipeline was full, and they were happy with the number of monthly conversions being consistently generated.

We have been working with this client since June 2018, and since then we have been consistently generating an average of 150-175 leads per month for the client with an ave cost per lead being R81.63

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