Designing Sites for SEO

Designing your website for SEO means that you will increase the search engine ranking of your website. The following provides the essentials to designing sites for SEO.

There is a lot to consider when designing a website. Amongst colouring, liquid design and fluid design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) must also be considered. In fact SEO design should be your top consideration. This is if you want your website to have a high ranking in Google’s (and other search engines) search results.

Before you design your site for SEO you should firstly familiarise yourself with what SEO is, as you cannot design your site for SEO if you do not know the meaning and importance of SEO.

Why Design For SEO?
Once familiar with SEO you will understand that search engines or “spiders” search through content on the web and give the user a list of sites to visit. You want your website to rank high up on this list. Otherwise what is the point?

SEO should be considered when designing a website as:

  • It makes it easier for search engines to find and rank your site.
  • Helps your site to be noticed by other users, because of its high ranking..
  • Helps your site to be linked or sourced by other sites.
  • It will keep users from leaving your site too early.

Designing For SEO
Essential SEO design elements include:

  1. Think of the purpose of your website.
  2. Consider SEO while designing the website.
  3. Make use of a simple design.
  4. Remember your design must be effective in terms of increasing the ranking of your website.
  5. Design your website in HTML.
  6. Make use of cascading style sheets (CSS).
  7. Make use of unique meta tags.
  8. Include title meta tags.
  9. Include description meta tags.
  10. Include keywords in your meta tags.
  11. Decide on your sites keyword phrase.
  12. Use your keyword phrase on the top of your template.
  13. Use your keyword phrase at the end of your page.
  14. Try to use your title tag with your keyword phrase.
  15. Your copyright notice should be followed by your keyword phrase.
  16. Use relevant keywords and key word phrases.
  17. Use bold for your keyword phrase
  18. Use italic for your keyword phrase
  19. Have a quality design that is appealing to users.

Designing Your Site for SEO
You now know that you should design your website for SEO. This is essential to the quality and ranking of your site. Otherwise you will just get tangled and lost in the web.

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Make sure that your website climbs the ranking ladder. This means that your site will generate more traffic by being a quality site. Designing your site for SEO will ensure that you are found by users on the web.

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