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Long Tail Pro Review – Keyword Research Simplified

Long Tail Pro is the favorite keyword research tool among many, when it comes to creating and ranking relevant content with long tail keywords. By targeting these long tail keywords or search phrases, website traffic can be increased dramatically and quickly with organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Essentially long tail keywords are longer search […]

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Difference between SEO and Adwords

Difference between SEO and Adwords

Search engine optimization (SEO) and AdWords provide optimum targeting of high traffic key phrases however, in terms of internet marketing, they differ. The following post outlines the difference between SEO and AdWords as well as the benefits of SEO versus AdWords.  What Is SEO? SEO or search engine optimization is a process of correcting your existing website or

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What is SEO

In essence search engine optimization (SEO) is about getting websites onto the 1st page of the major search engines such as Google. In reality it involves a host of SEO activities being done on a continual basis to achieve and maintain this result. There are 5 main areas that SEO activities focus on in order

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SEO Evaluations

With the online industry growing by the minute, presence is everything. What are SEO evaluations and how can SEO evaluations benefit your online presence and business growth potential? What are SEO Evaluations? An SEO evaluation is an analysis process whereby the various factors and components that make a website more visible on a search engine

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SEO Tools

Search engine rankings are the backbone of all things SEO. When optimising a website for quality online business growth, what SEO tools are needed? SEO Tools In order for the SEO process to be effective, a collection of useful SEO tools are required. What kinds of SEO tools can help online business owners develop and

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