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Case Study: Garden Maintenance Business GROWS By 122% (In 60 Days)… Using ONLY Google Ads

This client is a BRAND NEW garden maintenance business based in Taranaki, New Zealand. The client started this business in September 2020 and approached us to manage their Google Ads campaigns.

As this was a brand new business the client had no website or any online presence. We were tasked with building a new website and creating Google Ads campaigns to generate as many quote requests as possible.

Goal of Campaign

Our goal was to generate as many leads as possible, as fast as possible (quote requests).

  • This was a BRAND NEW business, so we were starting from scratch and needed to gain momentum as fast as possible.
  • Fairly small starting ad budget


We built a new modern website for the client to showcase their business and services. Once the website was built, we created two Google Ads campaigns.

The first campaign was targeting users searching for any garden maintenance services on Google Search.

The second campaign was a retargeting campaign that would be seen by all users who had visited the website but had not yet become a lead, or requested a quote.

  • Leads generated from website forms being completed
  • Phone calls from the website


After the first 30 days, we were able to generate a few conversions however our ave cost per conversion was very high at around $62.17 per conversion, and we weren\’t happy with the number of leads that were generated.

We made some campaign optimizations and let the campaign run for the next 30 days.

After the first four months of the campaign running the client requested that we reduce the daily ad spend as they were already getting enough clients.

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