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We Know Building a Business is Difficult. We Make It a Whole Lot Easier and Less Stressful By Helping You Convert Curiosity into Commitment

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Darryn Balanco

About Us

We're Your Dedicated Team

At Optimus01, we are your dedicated team of industry experts who have over 15 years of combined experience in turning browsers into loyal buyers.

Our goal is to grow your business beyond the status quo through the use of AI, funnels and paid advertising. We do this by taking a hands-on, data-driven approach to understanding your customers and creating personalised journeys that speak to their needs.

Based in South Africa and London, we are on a mission to help business owners amplify their profit by generating qualified leads that convert, and implementing automated solutions that will save your team massive amounts of time.

Our Expertise

We Turn Your Business Frustrations Into Profitable Sales

Website Design

We craft bespoke WordPress websites that are not only visually stunning but also optimised for conversion, ensuring that your first impression is a lasting one.

Email Marketing

Connect with your audience directly through targeted email campaigns. Our strategies are designed to nurture leads, engage existing customers, and drive sales.

Paid Advertising

We’ll set up and manage your Google Ads campaigns, driving leads, increasing sales, and boosting your overall business growth. We'll ensure that every click counts.

Funnel Building

We’ll implement and manage your funnel to maximise your profits, converting more traffic into customers without increasing ad spend. 

AI Business Automation

We implement cutting-edge AI solutions that handle the heavy lifting, allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

From $0 to Six Figures: Our Client's Journey to a Yearly Passive Income

Peter came to us with a dream, a kernel of potential. Optimus took that dream, strapped it to a rocket of cutting-edge digital marketing and lead generation tactics, and blasted it into the stratosphere. We didn’t just add fuel to the fire – we sparked a whole new blaze.

In record time, Peter’s startup went from a whisper in the wind to a roar in the market, raking in six figures passively. That’s not just growth; that’s Optimus-powered dominance.

10x Business Growth

We don't play the game of hope and wait. We play to win. Peter's success story? That's just one of many. Your business could be next on the launch pad.

The Bottom Line:

We don't just meet goals; we exceed them. We turn aspirations into achievements. The Au Pair Club's journey from a passionate idea to a profit-generating powerhouse is a testament to our commitment to excellence. If you're ready to elevate your vision, we're here to make it happen.

Quitting Corporate - Empowering Dreams, R0 to R250K in 12 Months

The Au Pair Club, a trailblazing online training academy for aspiring au pairs and nannies, arrived at our doorstep with a mission to expand their reach and empower more individuals to achieve their dreams. But they needed the magic touch to turn it into reality. 

Enter Optimus: we didn’t just take on the challenge; we owned it. Our team crafted a lead generation funnel that was more than a strategy – it was a masterstroke.

What happened next wasn’t just success; it was a revolution. The Au Pair Club’s online business transformed from zero to hero, skyrocketing from R0 to over R250K in pure profit in just one year. This wasn’t growth – it was a meteoric rise, a testament to the power of a perfectly executed digital strategy.


Trusted By The Big Guns, The Movers and Shakers, The Market Leaders – That's Us

When brands want to not just play the game but dominate it, they come to Optimus. We’re not just trusted; we’re the secret weapon behind their success.

Dr. Peter Alkema


Optimus01 have been supporting me for at least 10 years with website admin, mailing software, lead generation advice, lead pages, audience building and a range of digital marketing expertise. Through their support, Darryn and the team directly contributed to a 10x growth of my digital information product business during that period to a 6-figure ($) per year, largely passive income business. I also learned a lot about automation and digital marketing principles and channel optimisation from my consultations with Darryn over the years. All this has given me an incredible amount of financial freedom, so I highly recommend Darryn, Cassie and the whole team at Optimus01.

That Sassy Life Coach

Online Learning Platform

Darryn and his team crafted a lead generation funnel that hasn’t just met our expectations – it’s exceeded them year after year. Their strategies have brought tangible growth and results that speak for themselves.

Choosing Optimus01 has been one of the best business decisions we’ve made. Their blend of professionalism, combined with a genuine passion for what they do, truly makes them standout. Thank you Darryn and Team!

If you’re contemplating a digital marketing partner that consistently delivers and inspires confidence, you won’t go wrong with Optimus01 👏🏼

Dr. Marvin Choma

NMC Orthodontics

Partnering with Optimus01 will have to be one of the best decisions we’ve made as a practice, thank you for all your hard work and quick responses when we reach out.

Dr. Derek Coetzee


Darryn, the website and campaign is working beautifully, I can't thank you enough for all your hard work you've done for us!

Rayleen Badenhorst

Trailers Unlimited

Thank you - thank you - thank you! We LOVE LOVE LOVE what you have done!!!! 🎉🎉🎉 Thank you Darryn!

Poelano Selema

META Agency

Optimus01 is seasoned and professional marketing agency.

Its been great having the opportunity to work and learn along side them for the past 7 months! If you're looking for a data enthusiastic, straight shooting, and results driven agency then Optimus is who you're looking for; It been great working you Darryn and your team.

Keep up the good work!

Francois Boshoff

Baglios Montecasino

I have been a client of Optimus 01 Online since November 2019. Darren designed my Baglios Montecasino website. I have found it a pleasure working with them and their service is great and efficient if I request any changes to be made to the website.

Vanessa John

Rebel Creative Agency

Darryn is a very skilled Google Ads expert who is a trusted supplier of our agency. When working with him we achieved excellent results for our clients. Furthermore, his paid media and digital marketing strategy skills are excellent. We love working with the team at Optimus01!

We keep it simple

The 3-Step Process

  • 30 Minute Discovery Call

    Schedule a 30-minute discovery call with us. This initial conversation is where we align with your business goals, understand your needs, and outline how our services can drive your success.

  • Quick Client Onboarding

    Once we're in sync, we'll move quickly to onboard you as a client. Our team ensures a smooth transition, handling all the details so you can stay focused on your business.

  • Access & Implementation

    We'll obtain the necessary access to your systems and start the implementation phase. Our experts will set up everything needed to turn your digital strategy into action. We'll then send you weekly updates.

Grow Bigger, smarter, stronger

Avoid the costly missteps of do-it-yourself Digital Marketing. Partner with us and empower your business with our precision-engineered funnels and targeted paid advertising campaigns that actually work.

why optimus?

Brace Yourself for the Game-Changer

AI Heavy Lifters

Think AI is just a buzzword? Think again. At Optimus, we're not just using AI; we're wielding it like a digital samurai sword.

Automated blog posts that hit the mark every time? Email autoresponders that work while you sleep? That's just the start. We're pushing boundaries, and the sky's not the limit – it's just the view.

Google's A-Team

Google Partner? It's not just a badge – it's a battle standard. We're in the trenches with Google's finest, armed with insider knowledge and tools that put your business on the digital map.

With Optimus, you're not just getting Google-friendly; you're getting Google-powered.


How To DOUBLE Your Leads & Get New Clients Like Clockwork!

This is the EXACT strategy we use to generate leads & sales for all our clients!

Download this Lead Generation Strategy to double, or even triple your lead generation, and cover your advertising costs.

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